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Re-Elect Calves, Bittker, Catoliato & Pierce! Early Voting Goes Through Sunday


November 3, 2023 

Dear Friends,

With Tuesday's Election Day approaching, and early voting now upon us, I am writing to give my full and enthusiastic endorsement for the re-election of Ellen Calves for Bedford Supervisor, Bobbi Bittker & Tom Catoliato for Town Board, and Erika Pierce for County Legislator. And to remind you to take nothing for granted, particularly in an off-year election like this, where low voter turnout can lead to unexpected and unintended results.

As a former Bedford Supervisor, I am acutely aware of the challenges of addressing complicated issues, particularly when trying to forge a townwide consensus. Ellen, Bobbi, and Tom do not shrink from such issues. A prime case in point is the building out of wireless infrastructure. This infrastructure is essential for emergency communications and cell service, which is no longer a convenience but a necessity with so many of us working from home. However, they are moving forward in a way that minimizes the impact on the natural beauty of the area, helping to preserve home values. They also are successfully addressing road safety issues, providing clean water with new wells for portions of Bedford Village, and implementing environmentally sound treatment of wastewater.  

All of this facilitates my ability to assist the town at the state level, whether through securing grants or securing action and approvals from various governmental agencies such as the NYS Department of Transportation or the NYC Department of Environmental Protection. Having strong and competent partners at the local level is essential to my ability to aid the town at the state level. 

And with all this positive action they have taken, they also have held down taxes and maintained Bedford’s AAA bond rating through prudent fiscal management and controls. 

As for County Legislator Erika Pierce, it is an understatement to say that she hit the ground running – she hit it racing!  And she’s doing a spectacular job. She painstakingly attends to every issue affecting the communities she represents – takes every call and is incredibly responsive. She is a terrific partner to have at the county level and I enthusiastically endorse her re-election

Bedford needs Ellen, Bobbi, Tom, and Erika. Please make sure you get and vote for them. As I mentioned, early voting runs through this Sunday, November 5th. On election day (Tuesday, Nov. 7), polls are open from 6 am-9 pm. Not sure where to vote on election day? Click here to find your polling location.

With thanks,


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