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From water and sewers to transit and highways, investing in infrastructure is vital for our health, safety, and economic future. As Bedford Supervisor, Chris got the work done others couldn’t. He worked with the state, county, and NYC to get the funds for new sewers, and pressed forward on safer water supplies when Bedford’s public wells were failing.


We need an Assemblymember who knows this issue, who has gotten results, and who will fight hard for the infrastructure needs throughout the 93rd Assembly District.


And Chris is already working with the New York State Department of Transportation on its I-684/84 Corridor Study to deliver the intermodal transit we need.   



Gun Safety

Gun violence continues to claim far too many lives, and it must be stopped. Chris will support tougher gun safety laws and gun trafficking laws, and use every available tool to keep guns out of the hands of those who would do harm.

As housing costs rise, seniors, young people, emergency responders and those on a fixed income need our support. Chris delivered affordable housing in Bedford when others said it couldn’t be done, and he’ll deliver those same opportunities throughout the 93rd Assembly District. 

Healthcare costs are choking businesses and overwhelming middle-class families. Chris will work for universal coverage that doesn’t break the bank or undermine coverage. And with Trump’s attacks on women’s health, Chris will always defend a woman’s right to choose and support funding for Planned Parenthood.

Climate Crisis

With Trump blocking action on the Climate Crisis, bold state and local action are important.  Our goal must be 70% renewably sourced electricity by 2030, which demands expansion of offshore wind, solar farms and fields, and energy storage; increased access to community solar; electric vehicle fleets in government and electric cars for consumers.  

Tax Relief

With Westchester property taxes among the highest in the Nation, Chris will protect the NYS Property Tax Cap, work for more shared services which can save taxpayers millions, and demand our federal legislators restore SALT deductions.


As Supervisor, Chris stayed under the Tax Cap every single year and as your Assemblymember will scrutinize your hard-earned tax dollars to make sure they are being used wisely by Albany, and that the District is getting its fair share of state funding.

Opioid Crisis

As the opioid epidemic continues to leave a trail of destruction and broken lives across our county, we need our state to do more to help victims and hold accountable those who created this crisis.


Chris will support additional investments in treatment programs and prevention education, while also demanding that drug companies who recklessly pushed over-prescription of opioids are required to pay for the damage they’ve caused.


From White Plains to North Salem, our schools and our kids are getting shortchanged because the state’s current funding formula is outdated and unfair. Chis will work for a new approach to school funding so every district gets the resources they need.


Here in our own neighborhoods, swastikas are appearing, and white supremacy groups are looking for recruits. We cannot be silent. We must speak up and take action. In Bedford, the Town Board adopted a resolution condemning anti-Semitism and pledging to adopt a plan to fight against it and all forms of bigotry and prejudice.

Chris believes that we need to change our legal system and our social structures that have allowed racism and prejudice to continue as a part of our society – voter suppression, disproportionate access to health care, erosion of the rights of those in Labor, lack of equal access to education, and the crying need for affordable housing. Chris believes that, with the government working alongside activists and allies, we can begin to heal and transform our community. 

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