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Vote Gashi, Tipp, Chemtob, Klein & Saland! Early Voting Goes Through Sunday​

November 3, 2023 

Dear Friends,

With Tuesday's election day quickly approaching, and early voting available through Sunday, I am writing to give my full and enthusiastic endorsement of County Legislator Vedat Gashi, as well as the New Castle Forward Ticket: Victoria Bayard Tipp for Town Supervisor, and Alexandra Chemtob, Jennifer Klein & Jeremy Saland for Town Board.

Fortunately, the New Castle Forward ticket is running unopposed; however, Vedat -- as well as some of our judicial candidates -- are facing Republican challengers... so please make sure you don't sit this election out. You can take nothing for granted, particularly in an off-year election like this, where low voter turnout can lead to unexpected and unintended results.

New Castle is fortunate to be represented by Vedat, who currently serves as Chair of the County Board of Legislators. He has spearheaded legislation to keep Westchester's cost of living down -- including property tax cuts for homeowners four years in a row -- while also fighting utility providers' proposed rate increases. And with Vedat's help, the county has made improvements and upgrades to numerous parks including the South County Trail Way, Hilltop Hanover, and Muscoot Farm.

Vedat is also helping to fight the opioid epidemic by working on a public service campaign for residents, so they can better understand the opioid crisis, and by opening access to Narcan training -- a life-saving overdose prevention tool -- to all county employees. 

And after the recent terrorist attacks in Israel, Vedat led the charge as Chairman of the Board to pass a resolution unanimously supporting the people of Israel. 

New Castle and Westchester County need Vedat Gashi. In this election, please vote Row A all the way! And please make sure your local friends and neighbors do the same. In a race like this that could come down to only a handful of votes, your efforts could make all the difference.  

Again, early voting runs through this Sunday. On election day (Tuesday, Nov. 7), polls are open from 6 am-9 pm. Not sure where to vote on election day? Click here to find your polling location.

With thanks,


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